There are many types of pranks around the station and home I deal with and see them day in and day out.  Let's take a closer look at some of the things I've seen.

I work and hang out with a bunch of pranksters and I've see it all pretty much.  Of course there are your typical toilet papering and forking of yards but how creative have people gotten with some pranks goes quite far.  When I was in high school a friend and myself put a dead snake in the bed of the truck belonging to a girl we knew.  She responded very quickly by wrapping my truck in cellophane and in between layers put chocolate syrup and flour.  Not to sure what the reasoning behind it was as all I had to do was cut the cellophane and it came of very easily.  After Chili Fest one year in College Station we were all at the pool drinking some cold Dr. Peppers, if you believe that, and I was pranked pretty dang good by one of my best friends.  It was April Fools Day and they decided to take the driver seat out of my truck.  Imagine my surprise when I went to get my phone charger.

Monday morning I walked outside of my house to find my roommate Clete's truck covered in sticky notes.  They weren't only on the outside, they were all over the inside as well.  Just don't let a prank go to far.  About a year ago somebody put their own 'waste' on my windshield.  Just sounds nasty right?  It was, I was scarred and disgusted.  Friends don't let friends do that on others vehicles.  I saw one prank on The Chive where you put tiny pieces of paper in the defrost vents and leave the drefroster on full blast and it's call auto confetti, it's also not very nice.  So what's your greastest prank you played on someone or what's the best prank someone has played on you?  Best prank may just pick up a Texas Music Swag Pack.  If you have pictures or video it'd be even better.