If you're a Texas music fanatic like myself you will be in line waiting to buy this album!

Radney Foster is a legend in the Texas music scene that not only fills the shoes of a musician but also a producer that ranks among the highest respected in the business. He will be dropping a new album in August that is a must own for any Foster fan out there. Twenty years ago he released the Del Rio TX 1959 album which boasts some of the most classic Radney  Foster tunes like "Just Call Me Lonesome "and "Nobody Wins".  I highly encourage you to buy that album if you don't have it in your collection. It's a staple for everyone.

Twenty years later, the Foster crew revisits the Del Rio TX 1959 album and rerecord the tracks to make it a unplugged acoustic album. We hear a refreshing new take on the old album that pushes us to a more intimate and stripped down focus of where it all began. The new album titled Del Rio TX  1959 Revisited Unplugged and Lonesome is recorded with "everyone in the same room, with live takes with no fixes" according to Steve Fishell who played and produced the first album.

Make plans to find your copy of this 11 track album that you will find your self listening to while at that summer camp out or by the fire at the hunting cabin in the winter time with all your friends and family. The album hits store shelves and digital downloads on August 14th.