About ten years ago, Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen started packing concert halls, with an acoustic tour they started doing for the fun of it called the 'Hold My Beer and Watch This' tour. And in two weeks, the duo will release a new album called 'Hold My Beer, Vol.1'. Check out their new music video for 'Standards', which is the first song released from the new album. They started their 'Hold My Beer and Watch This' tour with the idea of getting back to their roots, and the new album reflects this as well. Randy Rogers expanded on this to the Dallas Observer last year,

We both like the idea of showing loyalty to the venues we played when we were getting started and for the people who supported us during that time. Our bands have outgrown the venues we played back then, so this is a great chance for us to play in rooms like Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos, where I first started. It helps us to stay grounded and true in that sense.

If country music is what you’re looking for, then you have found it on this one. Randy and Wade may have not gotten the mainstream recognition that they deserve, but it doesn't seem to bother them on their new release. 'Hold My Beer, Vol.1' features a couple of cover tunes and you get lots of fiddle, steel-guitar, Dobro, banjo. This is real country, folks.

And now we're only two weeks from your chance to buy the new album from the long time friends. The release date for 'Hold My Beer, Vol. 1' is April 20th, and we are waiting anxiously.