So this weekend I had the chance to cool off in the new municipal swimming pool. WOW!

So as for me, I must warn you that I am very picky when it comes to my expectations of a swimming pool because I managed one for three years. I know what kind of work goes into creating a safe, friendly, and clean facility and what it takes to maintain it to the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

I decided to go to the swimming pool because Sunday was extremely hot and thought that it would be a great place for me and the kiddo to cool off and relax. Upon arrival we were able to walk right up to the window to pay and we were greeted by a very personable young lady with great customer service skills. Upon entering the pool I have to admit I was a bit lire about how this experience would end up. The pool was pretty full with kids of all ages, kids that were sitting about with families celebrating and relaxing. So I head off to the dressing room where I have found through experience that tends to be the dirtiest and most disgusting part of the facility. I was surprised to find that the facility was very clean and tidy. I was impressed!

So now the part that everyone wants to know, the pool. Ok, so we have heard all about the new renovations that they made to the pool with all kinds of water attractions like the slides and the pipes that kids can control the water flow to. It’s all true. They are just as nice as we were told before the pool opened. Don't forget about the beach style entrance into the kiddie pool which was my sons favorite part. All the staff was extremely courteous and helpful and all the lifeguards were attentive and completed standard rotations through staff throughout the evening.  Overall, it’s a great place to take the kiddos to relax and play in the water, they have plenty of covered seating, and sun bathing seats, clean restrooms and changing rooms equipped with lockable lockers. But most of all they have a fun, friendly and safe staff which makes the outing experience a positive and desirable excursion with the family.

A+ in my books. For more information on the city pool you can call 325-657-4450 and be sure to check out the video below for an awesome look at what the pool looks like. You can “like” the city’s Facebook page, too.