I hope you were able to make it out Friday for Roger Creager in concert at Midnight Rodeo. He put on a fantastic show as always and is so diversified. Not only as a great vocalist, but as a musician as well, playing numerous instruments.


It's amazing to see him move from one instrument to the next with ease. One song he will be playing the guitar, then he is on the piano, sometimes he will pick up the trumpet and blow you away. With Roger you just never know. But he is always entertaining and the audience had a very special night on Friday.

Roger Creager is sitting at No. 16 on the Texas Music chart right now, but is moving up. Take a listen to his latest song Roadshow. While we don't have an official video, carlababy909 created this via YouTube, and it's pretty cool. Enjoy!

Midnight Rodeo would like to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving as they take a short break from live entertainment this weekend, but be ready as they are going to give 2014 an amazing send off.