If you missed the show Saturday night at Rockin Rodeo check out the story inside?

Facebook-Roger Creager

Saturday night was a good ole time with the boys from Roger Creager, even though the weather was cold outside Creager and the boys lit it up and burned the roof down with great music.

The show was full of the old songs that we all love to hear like, "Love","LA Freeway" and "The Everclear Song" but Roger brought out some new tunes that definately added a new face to the show never seen before. I must say that I was dissappointed to find that at the end of the show I didnt hear my all time favorite "Late Night Case Of The Blues"  but it was replaced in the set with a song called "Cowboys and Sailors" which was a great song to put in its place.

Over all a excellent show that you should have been to, for those of you that missed it I feel for you because you missed a good time and an unforgettable night at Rockin Rodeo.