Check out this weeks artist of the week Ryan Beaver!

He may only be 27 years old but he is no youngster when it comes to the music scene. Ryan Beaver has released two full length albums as a song writer in the Texas Music Scene that show case exactly what he is all about and where he comes from. Ryan's passion for song writing shows through in his music with a down solid sound that makes you feel like he is living every song that he sings. If only every singer song writer could be like this and really get into the character that is laid out by the lyrics like he does the music scene would be unstoppable.

Ryan Beavers current album titled "Constant" boasts a track list that holds two of my favorite songs he has ever put out. The first of which is "For A While" its a feel good tune that gets us primed up and ready to go out on the weekend and conquer the adventures ahead of us. The second one is "Nobody Wants To Be Alone"  this unique approach to a broken heart song and the battles faced with those events. We are automatically drawn in and feel like we are living the pain with him in the song. Constant is an ace of an album that everyone should own no questions asked.