The above video is a great way to see why we love Sam Riggs over here. Put him with his band, Sam Riggs and the Night People, and they are definitely a band you want to pay attention too. One way way you can tell is the Texas & Red Dirt scene and Rolling Stone has taken notice of their talents.

Sam recently spent '5 Minutes in Texas' with Rolling Stone, and we are glad he did because they are someone we want to know more about. Even though he is not a native to Texas, we think she should be an honorary Texan because he understands what exactly 'being Texan' means, telling Rolling Stone,

He ultimately elected to settle in the Texas capital, citing its reputation as an incubator for original talent.

Well, don't we all know this is the truth. Texas has cranked out some incredible artists, people who stay true to connecting on a deeper level with their hardcore followers. You'll be able to see this March 6th at Midnight Rodeo, when Sam Riggs shares an acoustic stage with fellow Texas & Red Dirt artists, Zane Williams and Mike Ryan, for their 'Rock & Soul Roadshow'.