So we revisit this particular issue for the 4th time in the past decade and finally reach a decision! EPIC FAIL.

About a month ago we talked about the city council revisiting the issue of residents parking on their lawns. In that month the city hit a block in the road with a 3-3 vote and nothing going forward with the ordinance. Today city council members voted the city ordinance in with a 5-3 vote. So what does this mean?


The ordinance in its original form gives residents one year to comply with the rules that vehicles of a residence must be parked on a "improved surface" this would include reinforced concrete, hot mix (asphalt), or interlocking paving stones. There will be some type of enforcement to the new city ordinance which has not been release at this time.

But right along side all of the confusing parking situation comes a long list of exemptions for homes that don't have curbs. Everything seems to still be a bit dusty as far as the definite rules when it comes to parking just note that you wont be able to park in your yard any longer.