After a long comitment to service in the Concho Valley Ron Perry the Emergency Coordinator in San Angelo will be retiring at the end of December.

Facebook-Ron Perry

Perry has served the City of San Angelo for the past 6 yeas in the Emergency Management Division has decided to retire at the end of 2012. Perry began his 45 years of public service in the Air Force in 1966 and after serving his country in the Air Force Perry returned to San Angelo and served on the San Angelo Fire Department where he retired from in 1997 as an assistant chief. He then became the first Regional Fire Coordinator for the San Angelo Area in the Texas Forest Service.

Among the his career he helped the City of San Angelo during the displacement of the women and children after the raids at the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints compound in Eldorado, and Assisted with the Wildcat Fire in 2011.

A huge Thanks to Ron Perry for his service and dedication to the community