Texas just isn't having the best time with lists and rankings lately. But then, I'm not sure the world was going to hell in a hand bag quite so much, or so quickly, 20+ years ago.

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It seemed that when I was younger (and I'm not that old) the world in general was a little safer. Maybe it was just my parents working hard at sheltering me from the harsher aspects. Whatever the reason, I don't remember seeing so much violence every which way I look.

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Texas made quite an appearance on the FBI's most recent List of Most Dangerous Cities. Granted this list came from 2013 statistics, but, from what I see on the news, things probably haven't gotten any better. Luckily, the Midland Reporter-Telegram broke down the FBI's list into the Top 24 most dangerous cities in Texas, and this one makes me feel a little better.

Out of the 24, San Angelo ranks second to last. Surprisingly enough, Brownsville, of all places, is ranked dead last, and Odessa takes the No. 1 spot.

West Texas Rankings:
1. Odessa
2. Lubbock
13. El Paso
16. Abilene
19. Midland
23. San Angelo