Two San Angelo residents were arrested during a Saturday night traffic stop after police discover they were wanted and in possession of narcotics.
September 21, 2013, just after 10:00 p.m., Sector 2 Patrol Officer Patrick Garrett executed a traffic stop on the driver of a black 2006 Ford Mustang in the unit block of W. Avenue N for a traffic violation.

Officer Garrett approached the vehicle and identified a male driver and female passenger.  He also observed an open container of alcohol in the center console.  A records check on both subjects revealed the driver, Teodora T. Gomez, Jr. of San Angelo, had several outstanding city warrants and an invalid driver’s license.  The passenger, Priscilla Solis of San Angelo, had an outstanding Arrest Warrant for a probation violation.  Gomez and Solis were taken into custody without incident.

Officer Garrett and assisting Officer Keith Lane conducted a search of the vehicle to locate additional open containers of alcohol and during their search, located one other container of alcohol in the back seat as well as a substance on the driver’s side floorboard that resembled narcotics.  The substance field-tested positive for Methamphetamine.  In addition to the Methamphetamine, officers located a bag containing Marijuana inside the container of alcohol first located in the center console.

Gomez was charged with Driving While License Invalid, his outstanding city warrants, Felony 2 Manufacture Delivery of a Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1, and issued a citation for the open container of alcohol.  Officers seized over $1,200 in cash from Gomez during the search incident to his arrest.  Solis was charged with her outstanding Probation Violation Warrant.  Both were transported to the Tom Green County Jail.