This Saturday night unlike most Saturday nights, I'm at home. This is different for me, read on to see what I ended up doing!

Usually I would be at a concert, the bar, a friends, or out of town. This Saturday is different. I decided to stay home and see what it felt like. I AM BORED! I have no idea what to do on a Saturday night at home, alone. But as expected, I decided to play around on the internet. After about 2 hours of laughing so hard I snorted, I wanted to let you in on some of the most humorous websites I have found!
First off, I want to make sure caution is used when visiting some of these websites. They are humorous but adult content.

The first website I spent hours on was of course Facebook and Twitter! Next I visited some great sites.

All these websites vary in what type of humor they are, but if you have time make sure you check them out. This Saturday ended up being awesome. Home cooked meal, tv, and internet humor. I suggest if you're like me and like to go out regularly, you stay in one night and have a "just me" night! It was fun even though I thought I would be bored.