We all know that with the new year comes new year resolutions. I would hazard to guess that 'Get Fit' or 'Be More Active' or even 'Lose Weight' is in the top three of all of our Resolution Lists.
One great thing about San Angelo is there are so many ways to help you achieve your 2015 goals. Get up and moving this weekend for the 2015 Shannon Trail Running Series.
Race day registration begins at 7:00 a.m. Register Here for the races. 
Trail Race #1
  • Saturday, January 17th
  • Middle Concho Park
Trail Race #2 
  • Saturday, January 31st
  • Chaparral Pavilion
  • State Park
Trail Race #3
  • Saturday, February 21st
  • Burkett Trailhead
  • State Park
Crazy Desert Trail Race #4 
  • Saturday, March 14th
  • Equestian Gate
  • San Angelo North State Park
Ticket Information:
  •  $20.00 -- Single race entry fee (per race)
  • $40.00 which includes a free t-shirt -- Series Discount entry fee (3 races)
  • Register by January 17th for all 3 races for discount