I'm sure everybody has heard the latest single from William Clark Green, She Like The Beatles, on Kickin' Country.  A young man has made a parody of the song for all the Texas football lovers.


Facebook- Pawn Shop Gold

Coming from a long line of Dallas Cowboys fan and living in the D/FW metroplex for twelve years I will cheer for the Cowboys.  That being said, I don't care too much for NFL.  I'm a college ball guy, Go Hogs, but all my friends are either Texan fans or Cowboy fans.  It gets pretty funny watching them go back and forth during the games.  Jason Bednorz of Pawn Shop Gold based in San Marcos, TX has taken She Likes The Beatles and rewritten into a comical song that I'd call She Likes The Texans. I wonder what William Clark Green and Brian Keane thought about it.  Knowing them they probably got a kick out of it.  Even not being an NFL fan I thought this song was absolutely hysterical.  Take a gander at the video and let me know what you think!