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How To Avoid “Brain Freeze”. No, Really.
Brain freeze happens when something cold touches a bundle of nerves on the top of your mouth, near the back. They're called your "sphenopalatine ganglion" or SPG for short.
Food Truck Fridays!
Every Friday this summer, Townsquare Media San Angelo presents "Food Truck Friday" from 11 to 2. We'll have one of San Angelo's most popular food trucks serving you in the Townsquare Media San Angelo courtyard at 1301 South Abe, It's a great chance to
Working Women's Wednesday
Working Women's Wednesday at Chadbourne Tavern on Wednesday June 20, 2018. As you can see, All were had by a good time. :)
Free Downtown Movie Nights Are Back
A big screen is put up each Friday night in the parking lot between the Cactus Hotel and Miss Hattie Restaurant and movies are shown free to the public.
Pets of the Week
This week's pet of the week in San Angelo is plural. That's right -- we have adorable twin pups looking for a new home.