Scientist are complaining that giant shrimp will harm the balance of marine life.


So, I have to admit that when I first saw pictures of the huge shrimp that originated from Asia making their way down to the Texas Gulf I was wandering how long it would be before the big hoax story came out, but its for real! The shrimp called tiger prawn have made their way down to the Gulf some how. Scientist are not sure how the population has increased by 10 fold over the past year and they are beginning to become a bit worried about the effects on the marine ecosystem that these cannibalistic shrimp will have. So I have come up with a solution!!

Calling all rednecks and a camera crew! We will begin casting calls for the new TV series Texas-Sized Shrimping. Do you know someone who is just crazy enough to put all of their life savings into a shrimp boat to catch these huge shrimp? Do you or someone you know have drama that you would like to publicize on the hopes of making a few dollars. Well you can be apart of Texas-Sized Shrimping.

It’s the perfect solution. We have TV shows to buy unpaid storage lockers, people who harvest timber in the swamps, so why not make a Texas shrimping show where the catch is as big as the state? Plus it would be some good eatin'!

Do you have a brilliant idea for a reality TV show? Tell me below in the comments. I may even read your idea on air if it’s funny.