The boys from The Ville will be in town this weekend at Midnight Rodeo for a heck of a show.  Join myself and Kickin' Country Friday night for Six Market Blvd live in concert.

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They're a little rock, a little country and 100% legit.  I remember many moons ago meeting Six Market Blvd thinking they were an interesting group of fellows.  Instantly I became a fan of the music and over time have gotten to know them pretty good.  They have two albums available, Runnin' On Seven and Shake It Down,  however I know few people who have their first recorded album, good luck finding that one.  Six Market continues to impress with their true Texas Country sound, too country for rock and too rock for country.  Six Market Blvd is a well rounded, eclectic and solid band that will leave you begging for more.  They've recently changed the roster a little bit so come out and meet the new members, have some cold beers and a great time Friday night.  Listen all week for your chances to win free tickets to the show ONLY on Kickin' Country and I'll see you Friday night at Midnight Rodeo.

Facebook- Six Market Blvd

Six Market Blvd - Ready To Throw

Six Market Blvd - Say It

Six Market Blvd - 14 Miles From Home