Last night I was hanging out at the Penny Pub & Grill when in walks Larry Burrows and a fellow by the name of Roger Simms.  Roger is currently touring Texas via hitch hiking and couch surfing.

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I had the pleasure of meeting an interesting individual last night at the Penny Pub & Grill who is taking a rather unique approach to funding his new album.  West Virginia native, Roger Simms, is hitch hiking and couch surfing across the great state of Texas playing gigs in order to raise money for his new album.  He's already been from East Texas to West Texas, North to South and he made a pit stop last night in San Angelo.  He actually has the state of Texas tattooed on his arm and with his route inked right into his arm.  He's played private parties, acoustic sets and full band gigs.  the main plan is to hit 30 town in 30 days and he is on day 16 now.  His sound is very traditional country and songwriting style is very unique.  Not only is he a very talented singer/songwriter but he can also do some dang good impressions.  Check out my Vine or Twitter to see more from Roger Simms and if you see him walking, give him a ride.  Check out the PayPal page to contribute to the cause.

Ben Ryan