Extra! Extra! Read all about it. I think this may be a new episode of dumbest criminals alive.

So last night around 8p.m. San Angelo police officers responded to a stolen vehicle call on Sherwood Way. After officers tried to pull the vehicle over, the party began with a 4 minute, 70 mph vehicle chase that would land a woman in the pokey, but the story doesn't stop there.

As the chase ensued the female driver, later identified as Amanda Jefferys, continued to drive the stolen truck on one of the rims before crashing into the San Angelo Police Departments Administration department. According to GoSanAngelo, Jefferys remains in critical condition this morning. Jefferys faces charges of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and felony evading arrest. Its unclear at this time if any more charges will be brought against her for damage to the police station.

So here is my two cents about this. First and foremost if you are going to steal a vehicle which, by the way, I in no way recommend to anyone, steal something like a sports car where you can go fast. Secondly if you are that bad of a driver to lose a tire in the chase, you should probably just give up. Last, but not least, wrecking a stolen vehicle into the police department is only going to guarantee that you will be caught a lot quicker and you aren't going to destroy your prior record by running into the administration building.

Dumbest criminals beware I think Jefferys may be in the run for the number one spot of dumbest criminals in the United States.