That is correct, Stoney LaRue is coming back to town this weekend.  Don't miss him live Saturday night at Midnight Rodeo.

Stoney LaRue will be rocking the Midnight Rodeo stage Saturday night and if it's anything like last time, you better be there.  With about ten years experience and numerous albums he's wracked up hit after hit.  Stoney is kind of quiet until you get him going or you bring up vinyl records, then you can't make him stop.  You can see the creativity that goes into everything he does, just check out the Velvet album cover.  Yep, it's velvet.  They always put on a great show and will play what you want to hear.  After the show you can find Stoney and the guys hanging out at the merch booth signing autographs and have some cold beers so be sure to swing on by.  Listen each day for your chance to win tickets to the show.

Flickr- erichcpeters


Stoney LaRue - Velvet

Stoney LaRue - Look At Me Fly

Stoney LaRue - Travelin' Kind