Summer is in full swing.  Hitting the pool or lake, grilling in the backyard, outdoor concerts and more are filling our head.  My favorite part is the grilling.

Grillin' like a boss is what I'm down for during summer.  You just can't beat sitting on the back porch or patio with a couple of friends, cold beers, and the  grill blazing.  Everybody has their favorite thing to grill and will tell you they do it the best.  My personal favorite thing to grill is probably going to be some brats, burgers and chicken.  No, it's not all for me. I normally have quite a few people over when I do grill, it's like a mini get-together.

One thing I've noticed about others throwing a cookout is they don't ask you how you want your burger or steak which I understand. If they are grilling it's their call.  I try to ask everybody how they'd like it cooked.  That's just how I roll.  Out of the three types of meats listed above I'd say the brat is my favorite.  Wrap it up in a tortilla and you are set, brat in one hand and beer... I mean, Dr. Pepper in the other.  I know everybody is wondering what Tommy Boy and Candise's favorite foods to grill are but I can only speak for one of them.  Candise once said 'I love tubed meat.'  What is your favorite summertime cookout food?