Oh Sunday, the end of a weekend and beginning of a week.  Sunday is typically a day of rest around the house but not for musicians and a few others that like to wind down the weekend a different way.

I've told you before that Bob Simpson does a little acoustic song swap type of event on Sunday evenings atStillwater Bar & Grill, it's getting bigger and better.  Candise and I went to Stillwater Sunday evening mainly to see Bob and grab a beer however we ended up staying much later.  There were many different artists getting on stage and rockin' out.  I can't remember all the performers names but they were awesome.  There's was one young man from Austin that even showed up.  One young lady brought her keyboard up and played some tunes on the keys while belting some strong vocals.  With great food and those $2 Lonestar Beers matched with the eclectic original tunes it's quite a nice Sunday 'Funday'.


\ I haven't had the chance to make it every Sunday but Bob has told me it's just getting bigger and more fun with new musicians coming out to put the music in your ears.  It's a great way to wind down from a busy or hectic weekend.  Cold beer, good food and great music with a chill environment, can't beat that with a stick.  If you're a musician bring your gear and come jam, if not just bring yourself and hang out us all.  See you there.