We all had a favorite superhero or two when we were young but did you know there are actual superheros?  I didn't believe it but there is a group of self proclaimed superheros in the Seattle area. 

In the Seattle area one man has finally had it with the crime in his city.  He is so tired of it he has become a superhero and roams the streets serving up justice with his own style.  Phoenix Jones is his superhero name and his group is called the Rain City Superhero Movement.  While most of us would laugh at the idea, Phoenix takes it very seriously and seems to have helped quite a bit.  Some of the tools Phoenix uses include pepper spray, tear gas, a stun baton, handcuffs, and a first aid kit.  His outfit is equipped with a bullet-proof vest and stab proof plating.  Phoenix has claimed to have been stabbed and shot before.  Phoenix has a strong mixed martial arts history with and 11-0-0 amateur record and a 4-0-0 professional record.

All members of the Rain City Superhero Movement have a military or MMA background.  There are mixed emotions from police departments in the Seattle however citizens seem to enjoy having the superheros around.

I'm wondering how Phoenix can hear anything when he has his mask on.  I think the mask could obstruct vision, movement and hearing cause him to have issues in the fighting department.  So who wants to start a group of superheros here in San Angelo?

Is he more of a problem than he is help?  You decide.