‘Serial Pooper’ on The Loose in Akron (Video)
Somebody call the poop police. A 'serial pooper' in Akron, Ohio has claimed at least 19 'victims' through his actions. He was recently caught on tape and even looking into the camera during one of his latest 'droppings'. If you encounter this man, make sure you are arme…
Ramon Salazar – Most Wanted Wednesday in San Angelo
Ramon Salazar is currently wanted by the San Angelo Police Department.
Salazar is a Hispanic male, black hair, brown eyes, 38 years old, 190 pounds, and stands at five feet and six inches. Salazar is wanted for assault causing injury fam violence, evading arrest/detention and fail to ID fugitive…
San Angelo Ranks #23 On Texas’ Most Dangerous Cities List
Texas just isn't having the best time with lists and rankings lately. But then, I'm not sure the world was going to hell in a hand bag quite so much, or so quickly, 20+ years ago.
Read More: Texas Rated One of the Sluttiest States in America
It seemed that when I was younger (and I&apos…

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