Everybody needs a vacation right?  Tommy Boy is taking one this weekend so I'll be filling in for him.

Well Tommy Boy is taking vacation time once again this weekend so yours truly will be hanging out with you all day on Friday and Monday.  It's going to be a busy couple of days though.  Friday, I'll need to be up here at the station no later than 5:45am to do the morning show from 6am-10am.  If you read the blog about what the average day is like around the station you know that we also make many of the commercials and so on.  After the morning show I'll be working on commercials, weekend programming and other duties we carry out daily.  I'll be live again from 2pm-6pm for the afternoon drive in which I actually have two interviews set up for the afternoon so far so it should be pretty lively.  I'll sign off at 6pm and probably change clothes here at the station for the night as I won't have time to go home and be at the meet and greet dinner with Rich O'Toole at 7pm.  After the conclusion of the dinner I'll need to head to Midnight Rodeo where we will be broadcasting live from 9pm-11pm but I need to be there by about 8:30-8:45.  It will be a busy day/night indeed but well worth it.  I imagine I'll sleep pretty late Saturday.  Monday it won't be quite so busy, just the morning show and the afternoon show then go home.  Wish me luck for the weekend!