The Internet is driving car sales among nearly all people ages 18-34, otherwise known as millennials.
According to a report released by, a whopping 95 percent of car shoppers in this group go online before they buy, and of this group, 50 percent use their smartphones.

Obviously then, says AutoTrader vice president of research Isabelle Helms, auto dealers would be smart to have a strong online presence to attract this car buying demographic.

Over a third of millennials say that a lack of a mobile platform will hurt a brand while six in ten believe that a site that is not easy to use is equally as damaging.

Meanwhile, AutoTrader predicts that 80 percent of all consumers will use multiple devices to car shop by 2020, compared to just 32 percent now.

Interestingly, Helms says that social media has minimal impact on millennials with just five percent using these sites for car shopping.