Back in February, Walmart filed a lawsuit in federal court against the TABC saying it does not have the right to restrict the sale of liquor in their stores. And now, Texas lawmakers are considering a new bill that would make Walmart liquor sales legal. Gerard Dehrmann and Silvia Azrai Kawas, Wal-Mart vice presidents, wrote in a Dec. 4 open letter to the Beer Alliance of Texas,

This restriction is not only unconstitutional, but also inconsistent with free market competition and consumer choice — principles in which Texans strongly believe and steadfastly support.

The bill would allow the big publicly traded retailers to open liquor stores right next to their big store locations. You can buy beer in Walmart now, and this would make it possible to buy vodka, rum and whiskey at a shop right next door. Lawmakers who like the law think it benefits customers because it offers more choices and keeps prices competitive. Some smaller, local liquor stores worry that it might hurt their business because they could lose customers.

We all know Texas has some strange laws on the books when it comes to alcohol. I mean, we live in a state where there are beer barns, daiquiri and margarita drive thrus, minors can drink with parents, and there are dry counties sprinkled throughout the state.

Is this particular law outdated, or does it protect family owned businesses from giant corporations?