You know that one song that gets you motivated to do anything.


While my job may require me to listen to more than one song sometimes there are a lot of them that begin to run together and sound the same. It becomes a struggle to find the music that really motivates you to remember the reason we started spreading the word about Texas Red Dirt Music and the down home grass roots style where it all began. Just a few weeks ago I received a new single from Ray Wylie Hubbard and got real excited to the point where I couldn't wait to hear it, I tore into it and stuck it in and I automatically fell in love with the track titled South of the River. It was like I was reliving all of those rebel moment in my past life with old friends around the campfire back in the day when we thought we were invincible. Ray Wylie just released his new album "The Grifter's Hymnal" back in March and released South of the River for radio play shortly after and that's when I began the journey back to the music that made me fall in love with this Texas Music Scene.  Those songs will be for another time  on the blog but I highly encourage you to check out Ray Wylie Hubbard's new album and hopefully it will inspire you to dive further into the music scene as it did myself.

For more information on the album and songs click here.