We had a blast last time and it's back again.  The Texas Regional Radio Music Awards will take place Sunday April 21, 2013.

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The time has come again and this year we want to bring home 'Station Of The Year' so bad we can taste it.  The only way to do so is with your help.  This is the third year of the awards and will be my second to attend.  Last year was an absolute blast with Deryl Dodd doing all his quirky things on stage, the live performances and of course the mess ups that are priceless.  There are categories in all aspects of Texas/Red Dirt music and radio to vote on so what are you waiting for?  Vote for your favorite song, artist, album, music video, radio station, on air personality and much much more.  It's easy, free and only take a couple minutes.  When we win from having the best group of listeners in the state of Texas there will be some rewards.  Click Texas Regional Radio Music Awards for the website to cast your votes.  Look out awards show, Kickin' Country is coming to town.

Tommy Boy and myself presenting 'New Male Vocalist Of The Year' to William Clark Green.