In cooperation with The Texas Division of Emergency Management and The Texas Department of Public Safety, this Wednesday, November 12, 2014, is designated as Winter Weather Awareness Day in the Lone Star State.  Every Texan should take this opportunity to prepare for adverse winter weather.Have a good plan of action when it comes to winter weather:

1) Check the weather forecast before you travel and have a way to receive NWS Winter Storm Warnings

2) Monitor temperatures and visibilities

3) Drive according to the condition of the highway

4) Practice safe fire prevention

5) Assemble a disaster kit

Each year Texans die from accidents caused by ice, snow, or fog.  Last year was a deadly winter in West Central Texas as several of our own residents lost their lives on icy roads and bridges. The Texas Department of Public Safety urges motorists to slow down to the conditions of the roadway.  Motorists should not assume the speed limit is the safe speed.  For road conditions, please go to the Texas Department of Transportation’s website  or call 1-800-452-9292.  Good winter weather safety tips are also included on the following page.

Information on winter weather safety can be also found at the following links: