I am looking forward to another packed house this Saturday night with the Casey Donahew Band at Midnight Rodeo.

Casey always brings the party and the people when he is in town. Count on it! His current album, 'Standoff',has already produced four big hits including 'Loving Out Of Control', 'Whiskey Baby', 'Small Town Love', and his current hit, which by the way is number one on the Texas Charts 'Not Ready To Say Goodnight'.

Casey has so many hits out there that he could play nothing but hit songs and more than fill up the entire night, but I'm sure that you will also hear new music as well. The band puts on a very high energy show and they are extremely polished in every respect.

The Casey Donahew Band plays a lot of Texas dates as well as out of State as they will soon be heading to Arkansas, Oklahoma, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Iowa, and numerous other states.

Be sure to catch them this Saturday night as Kickin' Country103.1 broadcast live from Midnight Rodeo. Here is one of their great music videos to get you ready.