Well boys and girls we've got another fantastic concert going on tonight in the Concho Calley.  The Bart Crow Band is back and with a little bit of luck we'll all survive the night.

The Bart Crow Band is back and ready for some concert action.  Tonight at Midnight Rodeo it's going down San Angelo style.  If you've never seen the Bart Crow Band you could quite possibly be communist as they rock out the stage with a sweet style of country rock only found in the Texas/Red Dirt scene.  They've had numerous songs on the charts and packed the house of some of the largest venues.  I was actually at their first concert at Billy Bob's Texas and it was pretty dang packed.  I've followed BCB's music pretty much since he broke into the Dallas/Fort Worth radio market many moons ago and I've been a fan ever since.  They have been working on a 5th album called "dandelion" which is set to be released September 18th which means there is a good chance of hearing some new tunes tonight at the show.  Avoid the red scare and come out to Midnight Rodeo tonight for the Bart Crow Band live in concert.

Bart Crow Band - Little Bit Of Luck