Tonight a very special event will take place at FiFi's in downtown San Angelo and I encourage you to attend.  It's free of charge but donations are accepted for a great cause.

Facebook- The Tour On Poverty

The Learning Center is a two man band that consists of two sophomores from Oberlin College and they're coming to town tonight.  They are putting on the non-profit Tour On Poverty in efforts to help feed the hungry in each community they perform.  Jordan Golding and Leo Liebeskind are very talented singer/songwriters and guitarist young men who want to make a difference and help give back to those less fortunate.  Tonight they will be performing at the House Of FiFi DuBois starting at 7pm.  Admission is free but donations are highly appreciated as all the proceeds will be given to the Daily Bread Soup Kitchen in efforts to improve the community.  The young men kicked off the tour on January 4th in Louisville, KY and will be venturing across the country hitting the west coast then back home to Ohio on February 4th.  Tonight at FiFi's you'll here a mix of roots, rock and blues with awesome musicianship and smooth vocals.  It's a great event for a great cause.  Help end hunger and check out The Tour On Poverty.