I have a spoiled rotten little pound puppy. I adopted him from the local animal shelter a little over 2 years ago. Jack Jack has the life and knows it.  Me and Ben Ryan were sitting around doing absolutely nothing one day and started wondering what he did all day, so here you go.


First, we should start with a little history about Jack Jack. I adopted him when he was 6 months old. He had been in the pound for over 8 weeks and his days were numbered. I had another puppy run away and I went up there daily looking for him. Everyday I would stop at Jack's kennel and play with him. After 2 months and finally letting go of my other dog, I decided I would get another one. I went to the pound and knew instantly I wanted him. He is so playful, happy, energetic, and caring all the time.  Jack's tail never stops wagging.

Jack Jack has an easy life. Ben and I were discussing how he has the life. Here’s a rundown of what he does all day:

First, he wakes up with me very early. When I say wakes up, I mean he stretches, looks at me, and goes back to sleep.  Next, I leave for 2 hours and come back. When I get back I have to pry him out of bed to go outside. This is a long process. It takes me actually carrying him downstairs and tossing him outside.

After his morning outside fun he comes in for some inside fun. This dog have so many toys, but this is his favorite!


Now, Jack Jack has a best friend in the whole world. Him and my roommates dog Axle grew up together. We got them at the same time and they have bonded. They play together, eat together, and as you can see sleep together!

As you can tell our dogs are extremely spoiled. They eat, sleep, and play all day with not one worry in the world! If you have an animal that you love, post a picture! I love animals and would love to see your pet as well!