San Angelo Rental Housing Mediation Services will host a Public Forum to discuss the impact of the oil boom on the local rental housing market. The public is welcome to attend this Thursday, August 1, 2013, 4:00 to 6:00PM on the 3rd Floor, Tom Green County Library at 33 W. Beauregard.

Kenneth L. Stewart, director of Community Development Initiatives at ASU will moderate the Forum.

Cathy Ballard of the Concho Valley Workforce Development Board and Phil Neighbors of the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce will discuss Oil, the Economy, the Workforce and Housing;

Scott Tankersley of the San Angelo Apartment Association will review the Rental Housing Outlook.

Rebecca Salandy of the San Angelo Public Housing Authority will assess the status of Public Housing Services. .   

Mauri Rodriguez of the Department of Neighborhood and Family Services will overview City initiatives to address challenging market conditions for low and moderate income citizens and households.

San Angelo Rental Housing Mediation Services is a partnership program between Angelo State University and the City of San Angelo. The program organizes and presents public education events on rental housing conditions and issues affecting low and moderate income renters and households.

Call 325-486-6420 for more information.