Jon Wolfe has brought us yet another high quality and non concert music video.  This one is for the latest single, The Only Time You Call, and you should probably check it out.

Facebook- Jon Wolfe

Jon Wolfe sure is on top of his games with releasing not only great music to Texas/Red Dirt radio but sweetening the deal with fresh music videos on each song.  Just released about five hours ago his latest video is for the tune you've been hearing a lot of lately, The Only Time You Call.  What I love about Jon's videos is that they actually have a storyline/plot rather than just being concert videos.  In this one it shows the reality of the 'one night stand' as Jon and that pretty lady get a little steamy then poof, she sneaks out while he was asleep.  Obviously the young lady is an ex of some sort but it never says, part of the mystery.  Catch Jon Wolfe live here in San Angelo April 19th at Midnight Rodeo.  Check out this video and let me know what you think, enjoy.