Those of you who were at Blaine's Pub a couple of weeks ago to see 'American Aquarium' perform for their first time in San Angelo, remember what a great job they did I'm sure. We look forward to seeing them come back at some point. It was also the opening band -  'The O's' first time to play in the Concho Valley as well, and I am happy to announce that they have already been booked to come back and headline at Blaine's!!


The O's are a duo out of Dallas who describe their sound as 'Good Timing Music' and that is exactly what they brought to the stage that night. John Pedego and Taylor Young are The O's and these guys are great. They play multiple instruments and their vocals compliment one another extremely well.

They have been together for almost seven years now touring the U.S including Hawaii, as well as the U.K., and Europe.

Their third album "Thunderdog" was released in 2013, with a fourth one on the way.

I am delighted to see on Blaine's schedule that they have been booked to return on Friday, March 27th at Blaine's Pub.

Here is a video to get you ready for the show.....