First off I want to thank everybody for the nominations and votes both for the station and myself.  We've made it to round three of voting and this year I think we should bring these awards home.

Texas Regional Radio Report

After two grueling rounds the finals are here.  The third and final round of voting for the Texas Regional Radio Music Awards is now open and I am excited to announce Kickin' Country and myself have made it to the final rounds of voting.  The awards aren't limited to radio though, there are actually over twenty.  I would also like to point out that our friends from Curing Cancer Music Fest have also made it to the finals under the category of Event of the Year.  Kickin' Country, Curing Cancer Music Fest and myself all have some pretty stiff competition, we're asking everybody to check and get your vote on.  I've made the promise on air that if and when we bring home the award this year there will be prizes galore given away on air.  Winners will be announced live from Arlington, TX on April 21st and I will be tweeting the play by play on who wins what.  Voting closes Thursday, February 28th.