Thieving Birds are opening for Wade Bowen when he's in town this Saturday, June 6th the show, and you're in for a treat because The Thieving Birds headline all over the country.

They are a 5-piece band out of Fort Worth who formed in 2010. They have a unique sound that combines rock, blues, and country into a high energy show. Id you haven't ever seen the Thieving birds live, you need to. In Fact, you should stop what your doing, and listen to one of their hit songs in the video below.

Everyone has overwhelming support for the band, and their sophomore album Gold Coast (released in 2011) was simply amazing. Hurricane Highway asked the band how this album differed from their first, they said,

This album is more mature; the first album was conceived and recorded in a 3 month time period… we were together in September and then recording in January. So having a couple of years playing and writing together and learning more about each other allowed us to play off of each other much more fluidly. Also, Gold Coast is a much more stripped down album, it’s mostly just the 4 of us… no Background Vocals… No frills. We wanted it to be as close to the live sound as possible.