Last night was a experience to blog about thats for sure so if you so dare to join me on this adventure then please read on. 


Yesterday evening I went to the doctor to get some medicine for this allergy/sinus head cold that everyone seems to be coming down with over the past two weeks in the San Angelo area. I went to the new Shannon Clinic by the Wal-Mart on 29th Street and I must say what a facility that it is great staff and awesome doctors. So after my consultation with the doctor he called my perscription in to the ONLY pharmacy that is open 24 hrs because he was afraid the other stores would not have time to fill my prescriptions until the next day. So knowing that usually the pharmacy takes an hour and a half to fill perscriptions I went home and changed clothes drove all the way back across town and got something to eat then went and set in line at the drive thru of the Walgreens on Abe Street.

When I pulled into the line there was 4 cars ahead of me, so by the time that I had arrived at the window about 45 minuets of waiting in line and about 45 minuets that I waited before I got in line I was sure that my medicine was going to be ready. When the lady asked for my name I told her and she checked and told me and I quote " Its not ready yet" so I replied "Ok, about how long until it will be ready for me to pick up?" She pondered a while "Its going to be another hour and a half if you arent going to come in the store, if you come in it will only be about 15 minuets."


Frustrated I drove to the side of the building and parked walked inside and as soon as I walked in to the pharmacy the pharmacist called my name and asked me if I only had 1 prescription, I told him no that there are supposed to be three of them and he apologized and tried to find the missing prescriptions because the two ladies working the front desk were standing around complaining that they had to work the night before Thanksgiving. So as I waited for an additional 30 minuets to push my total wait time to close to 2 hours and still having no prescriptions I up and walked out.

So being frustrated with the situation I decided to see what the Corperate Mission Statemen was and see how close they came to reaching that mission statement last night.

Here is a direct link to the mission statement in its entirety.

The Mission:

Our Mission
To be the most trusted, convenient multichannel provider and advisor of innovative pharmacy, health and wellness solutions, and consumer goods and services in communities across America. A destination where health and happiness come together to help people get well, stay well and live well.

Well last night you can say that the areas that I have made red were not met: I didn't trust them and I don't consider a 2 hour wait for any thing to be convenient, they were definately not a destination of health and happiness coming together, and there is not a way to help people get better if you dont have their medications.

Its no wander why the pharmacy has not been pharmacy of the year since 2009! Walgreens you have lost a customer for life!