The Birds are cleared for landing at Blaine's Pub this Friday night and as always, they'll rock that stage out.  They've got a new album and radio single so don't miss out on the new tunes.

Facebook- Zach Weber - Thieving Birds

Ever since the debut single, Hey Leigh, the Thieving Birds have been a Concho Valley favorite.  Heck, the new album, Gold Coast, has been in my CD player since I received it a couple months ago.  The Birds are a solid group of musicians and writers and nobody can argue that.  Ace and the guys will be in studio with my Friday at about 2 o'clock and they always bring some shenanigans with'em so it'll be a good time.  They'll be taking the stage around 10:30ish on Friday and always hang out for some cold beers until they run us out.  All in all you're looking at a good time Friday night at Blaine's Pub, see you there!

Facebook- Zach Weber - Thieving Birds

Thieving Birds - In The Summer

Thieving Birds - Hey Leigh

Thieving Birds - Kentucky