Midnight Rodeo is bringing you Zane Williams, Sam Riggs, and Mike Ryan all tonight, all full band one after the other, and then all three together in a song swap to close out the show. Wow, what a great night!


I visited with Zane Williams on the 'Kickin' Wake-Up Call' this morning and we talked about the show which is billed as the 'Rock and Soul Roadshow' tour. We talked about his new album which doesn't come out until April, and yet he will have early copies available tonight. His latest single is called 'Texas Like That' which is the Title cut to the new album.

All three of these performers have hit singles on the charts right now and I think it was a well thought out plan to tour the three of them together for eight or nine dates.

They are all headliner acts and take turns opening and closing during this tour. The live music will start shortly after nine tonight, so be sure to get there early!

Listen to the interview I did with Zane Williams this morning here, and plan to come out tonight.

Here is a Zane Williams Video to get you ready for tonight