Well, the weekend is here.  It's time for the Southwest Classic and to find the winner of the bet between Rich O'Toole and myself.

Facebook- Southwest Classic - Arkansas vs Texas A&M

The bet has been made between Rich and myself.  It's been plugged on the radio.  I've done a blog prior to this one about it.  It's finally time for the big day.  Saturday morning Texas A&M will be hosting the University of Arkansas with a kick off time of 11:21am.  As poorly as the Razorbacks have been playing this year I still have faith.  The Hogs have won the past three meetings but this year but the game is on Aggie grounds which will play against Arkansas.  Rich O'Toole and I actually made a bet on this game.  If Texas A&M wins I have to play 'Red Wine On Your Lipstick' every hour for 2 days.  If Arkansas wins Rich has to come to San Angelo and play a show for all to see.  Wooo Pig Sooie!  Go Hogs!  I will be sitting in the Aggie section and can't complain about it because my friend Adam Drake picked up the tickets, he's an Aggie.  Also joining us will be is Sean Ericson from our sister station in Lufkin.  We are all meeting up with our good friend Mike Friday night to see Whiskey Myers play in College Station.  It'll be good times and a good game, hopefully both teams show up.