Since the re-election of President Barrak Obama I've heard many people talk about the possibility of another civil war, seceding from the Union along with many other ideas.  As of this morning there are 20 states with petitions to secede from the Union.

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While the petitions weren't started by any state governments they are still very real.  A few simple clicks of the mouse will have you on the way to creating your own petition at the official Whitehouse website.  I find it interesting that you can petition the United States government to secede from the Union, how do you think that conversation would go?  As of now there are 20 states that have petitions on the website to secede, create their own new government and remain an ally of the United States.  Not much to ask for, right?  Texas currently has the most signatures with over 17,000 followed by Louisiana with over 13,000 and Alabama with over 4,700.  Other states with petitions to secede include Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Michigan, South Carolina, New York, Colorado, Georgia, Oregon, New Jersey, North Dakota, Montana, Mississippi, Indiana, Kentucky, Florida and North Carolina.  I would've thought Texas to be the first to start petitions but Louisiana actually kicked it off.  There are only a few rules for official petitions to the government; you must be at least thirteen years of age to start a petition, you must have 150 signatures to make it visible to the public and one month to get 25,000 signatures in which case will require a response from the government.  With Texas only needing just over 8,000 more signatures and the amount of people I've seen post on social networking and talking about Texas seceding what will happened when it hits 25,000 signatures?  What do you think about it all?