Love is in the air.

Hopefully, air freshener is, too.

In one of the more unique promotions you’ll ever hear, a British dating site is offering ‘toilet dating,’ nights in which romance-starved (and perhaps backed-up) singles meet and get to know each other in the john during a restroom sightseeing tour.

Those who sign up for’s event, which is being put on along with Loo Tours, will enjoy a traditional pub crawl combined with the excrement – err, excitement – of a toilet tour. In additional to trying to snag some digits, participants will learn about the history of toilets, as well as tips for finding free restrooms around London.

DoingSomething’s founder reached into his bag of puns to explain why it’s worth trying:

We’ve given the London loo scene the ultimate makeover and are encouraging Londoners to not be down in the dumps and try this new dating experience.”

The next toilet night is slated for September 6. Here's hoping no one who gets together decides to bathroom break up.

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