Stoney La Rue managed to knock Josh Abbott band from their No. 1 spot to No. 3 -- wonder how long Stoney LaRue can hold on to that top spot. You Top 10 in Texas this week is:

  1. Stoney LaRue 'Golden Shackles
  2. Pat Green w/ Lyle Lovett 'Girls From Texas'
  3. Josh Abbott Band 'Hangin' Around'
  4. Wade Bowen 'When I Woke Up Today'
  5. Kyle Park 'Turn That Crown Upside Down'
  6. Aaron Watson 'That Look'
  7. Sam Riggs 'Hold On and Let Go'
  8. Randy Rogers Band 'She's Gonna Run'
  9. John Slaughter 'Horseshoes & Hand'
  10. Jon Wolfe 'What Are You Doin' Right'