BetterDoctor recently released their list of America's Healthiest Cities. They determined the rankings based on three questions:

  • Are residents fit and healthy? 
  • Is medical care accessible and high quality? 
  • Do residents have health insurance? 

Texas Rankings:
18. Austin
32. Houston
33. Dallas-Fort Worth
47. San Antonio

Out of the nation's Top 50, Texas didn't do too bad. Of course, Austin was the highest, but for some reason I never experience that part of the city. I tend to gravitate toward those famous food trucks.

However, San Antonio ranked the least healthy out of the healthiest cities. I think it's probably because of all the delicious Mexican food and margaritas... in fact, I'm sure of it. Every time i make a trip that way, my waistline expands an inch or two.

So, the state of Texas has that going for itself. Yay!

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