Aaron Watson is one of Texas music fans biggest honkey tonkers and loves to put people on the dance floor. Here are our top 5 songs that Watson has ever released.

Here we go:

5. San Angelo- We couldn't have a count down of Aaron Watson songs and not include a song about our town. The story unfolds in the lyrics and was one of Watson's first singles to make huge radio play and put him on the map in Texas.

4.Reckless- Its a rockin tune and a crowd favorite that everyone knows and sings to, its the summer love song that puts you back in those care free days of living "Young, Wild and Reckless". Its a story lived by most small town kids and dreamed by many others.

3.Love Makin Song- He claims his mamma didn't approve of the song title but once she heard it she decided that it was OK. Its every thing that a woman wants a man to say with that rough and tough side that's very subtly pushed on to you and before you know it you are tapin your foot and moving to the beat.

2. Shut Up and Dance- A perfected waltz that packs the dance floor, with a story to tell that some folks live to a day to day basis it makes you set back and say its the simple things in life that really matter.

1.3rd Gear and 17- This is defiantly the song that every Honkey Tonk Kid fan will get up and sing along or get to the dance floor to put the boots on the grind. This is one of the first songs that Texas music fans fell in love with and will still do this day request to be on the set list.