Here are the top five songs that we think Kevin Fowler ever released are.


Kevin Fowler has been the rowdiest guy in Texas Music no doubt but from a guy who used to be a rocker we wouldn't expect anything less from him. He still can put you in the mood to honkey tonk the night away so here is our count down of his Top  5 songs.

5. Triple Crown- This is a rockin tune that sets up the mood for the night, only serious Kevin Fowler fans will know how to handle the Triple Crown but those that master it will be in for a night of fun. This song puts the dancers on the floor and packs the front of the stage for everyone to sing along.



4. Best Mistake I Ever Made- With a story to boot like you could imagine this song really does put into perspective the life of a parent. As Kevin himself has told us in studio even though they may bug the shit out of you planned or not kids are still the "Best Mistake I Ever Made".



3. Hard Man To Love- A simple song about the pain and hurt that a man puts on a relationship. Kevin depicts how ever guy feels when they find that special someone to hold them together in the times of screw up that we all find.



2. 100% Texan- This is the anthem that all Texas men and women can relate to if your from Texan and have traveled out side of the state. Its not to put anyone else down but its just not Texas. It doesn't get any simpler that this.



1. Beer Bait and Ammo- This song was one of the first songs that I found my self playing in the stereo while I was spending summer nights on the river in my hometown. This song is one of Kevin Fowler's staples and is a must play at every show. Fans love it and pack the dance floor for the medium paced two step that depicts that special red neck we all know.